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Become a provider
LTSP company invites to cooperation suppliers of spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers of European production.
Our company is guided by the principles of trust and mutually beneficial cooperation. We guarantee our suppliers partnerships based on common interests, transparency of commercial interactions between professionals in the spare parts market.
We respect and value our partners, but at the same time, we are always open for new offers and cooperation.
We are ready to consider cooperation proposals and come to a mutually beneficial partnership decision.
To get started, send your proposal to info@LTSP.com.ua, it will be consideredwithin 5 business days.
You will receive an answer by phone or e-mail, which were indicated in your offer.
The offer must specify:
In the subject line: "Import of price list + company name".

About the company:
Full organization name;
Type / scope of activity;
In which regions do you work;
Your site; Name of contact person for communication, his telephone and e-mail.

About product:
General description;
Minimum quantity of goods for ordering;
Minimum delivery terms;
Addresses of warehouses for self-service;
Possibility of delivery of goods to our warehouse.

Your price list. Technical requirements for the price list file:
The price list file should have a constant name, order and column names (for example, demoprice.xlsx).

File Format:
.xls (MS Excel 97-2003 Format.)
.xlsx (MS Excel 2007-2010 format.)
.csv (delimiter - semicolon, delimiter - comma)
File size: not more than 10 MB.
Maximum number of rows: not more than 100,000
Price list fields: Manufacturer (e.g. FAD)
Article (e.g. 5743.10.00)
Name (e.g. LHT steering pin)
Amount (e.g. 88)
Price (e.g. 944.68).

All fields are required!