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Promotional offer from PROVIA
14 November
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Detailed conditions of the promotion:
1. The promotion lasts from 15.12.2023 to 30.12.2023 or until the end of prizes in the warehouse.
2. Participants of the promotion are LTSP clients
3. All products from the PROVIA brand participate in the promotion
4. Gifts cannot be bought or received under any other conditions, except those specified in the conditions of the promotion.
5. You can receive a gift through the sales manager, 14 days after the end of the promotion and placing the order on the website.
6. The promotion organizer does not guarantee a complete match of the type, size or color of the gift ordered by the customer.
Promotion conditions:

Buy PROVIA products and get useful prizes:
PROVIA branded caps from UAH 8,000
PROVIA branded t-shirts from UAH 15,000

7. Prizes are awarded after promotional reports.
8. Gifts are provided only if the customer has no overdue receivables.
9. The action is accumulative
10. Promotion product complaints are considered on general terms.