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On December 7 and 9, 2021, LTSP together with a representative of the FAD plant held a seminar!
24 December
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On December 7 and 9, 2021, LTSP together with a representative of the FAD plant in Kyiv and Kharkiv held a seminar for all customers on "Steering and suspension parts"!

The seminar program included:
- Familiarization of participants with LTSP policy;
- Familiarization of seminar participants with the manufacturer of FAD;
- Acquaintance with the range, characteristics and features of the products of this manufacturer;
- Analysis of the benefits of FAD products.

Samples of spare parts supplier's products were presented at the seminar, technical characteristics and product design were covered. The participants of the seminar were able to review the products and discuss
questions about the specifics of operation and operation of FAD spare parts. The seminar also presented information about the ProVia brand, highlighted the pros and cons of this brand and participants had the opportunity to discuss issues with the ProVia representative in Ukraine.

At the end of the seminar were held:
· Presentation of certificates and thanks in the following nominations:
- The best dealer of FAD 2021;
- The best dealer of LTSP Genuine 2021;
- The best dealer of ProVia 2021;
- The best partner of the year;
- Partner of the Year.
· Presentation of gifts at the end of the campaign from the manufacturer ProVia;
· Conducting a raffle of prizes from well-known brands;
· LTSP souvenirs were given to each participant.

After the event, all participants took part in a buffet for better acquaintance with each other and communication in an informal atmosphere.

LTSP plans to continue to organize such useful and warm meetings with key suppliers of spare parts and consumables for our partners and customers.

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